Map. History of Mexico conflict

22 September 2018
A van with two bodies and three wounded was founded in Hidalgo
Mexico City. Approximately at 05:00 hours, two alleged "vigilantes" thwarted a robbery to public transport and killed one of the criminals.
Huachicoleros are fighting area in #Hidalgo; there are 3 dead
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 13km W of San Pedro Jicayan, Mexico
Five Americans identified among 12 people killed in Mexico tour bus crash.
Trump says his NSS is the first to tackle the issue of defending America's borders (including building a wall along the Mexican border).
Light emission of ash starts from @Popocatepetl_MX - 07:38 h. Dispersion towards the northeast on Puebla
9 month ago
Preliminary SSN: magnitude 5.0 with epicenter 58 km east of Hidalgo City, Chiapas.
"We are facing an unprecedented drug crisis in America, perhaps in the entire world," declares US Attorney General Sessions. "This government will not accept these trends."
@SecNielsen of @DHSgov: Detecting, deterring, and dismantling these transnational criminal organizations continues to be of utmost importance to the Trump administration. The United States is proud to call Mexico its partner in targeting this threat.
Deputy Sec. Sullivan: We continue to advance shared goal of developing new ways to disrupt transnational criminal organizations and the network of criminal activity they perpetuate…Close collaboration is the only way we can tackle a problem that has no regard for national borders.
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 25km S of San Juan Evangelista, Mexico
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 90km SSW of Paredon, Mexico
Trump: "We have tremendous losses with Mexico and losses with Canada covered by NAFTA," says in remarks with @GOP senators at the table. "We have trade deficits with everybodyit's going to be changing fast."
The new ash emission of Popocatépetl begins. Eruptive column exceeds 1.5 km above the crater.
Jury reaches verdict in trial of Mexican man at center of immigration debate in San Francisco pier shooting.
9 month ago
Sessions: it's important that we preserve revenue streams for Mexican cartels at the cost of millions of tax dollars for US states
@POTUS: "I don't like when our car companies move to Mexiconow the plants are starting to move back and there's a price to pay when they do that little number on us."
Trump renews promise to build US/Mexico border wall. "We're going to have the wall - don't worry about it." And vows to "fix" foreign trade.
9 month ago
@POTUS: "The country is going to be a happy place although we're going to have very strong borderswe don't forget the wall."
Mexico: special prosecutor of #Veracruz assasinated, attackers have not been captured
José Antonio González Anaya, leaves Pemex and will be the new Minister of Finance; Carlos Treviño will be the new CEO of Pemex
Mexico finance minister Meade resigns
Moderate to strong explosion of the @Popocatepetl_MX at this time; eruptive column rises more than 3 km above the crater.10 month ago
Moderate to strong explosion of the @Popocatepetl_MX at this time; eruptive column rises more than 3 km above the crater.
A member of the State Human Rights Commission of the Mexican state of Jalisco (CEDHJ) was kidnapped an armed group when he was traveling in his vehicle through downtown Guadalajara, official sources said.
Trump seems to be saying that the attack on a Sufi mosque in Egypt is a good argument for his border wall with Mexico.
Mexico ruling party leans to outside candidate to save presidency
Mexico: the ombudsman in Baja California Sur was kille
10 month ago
Confrontation between CJNG and Nueva Familia-Viagras leaves two dead in Michoacán
Explosion of powder leaves 3 injured in Tultepec
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